A note from the Canon


A day or two into Lent, the diocesan staff realized Bp. Wright was no longer present. The absence was apparent. We began to understand our work in a new way: “We are working for the next bishop.” Our prayers included the next bishop. Our planning focused on the next bishop. What can we be doing now that will make it easier for the next bishop as that person enters Diocesan life and work? What will be helpful for orientation to the Diocese of Delaware and the Diocesan Office? We began speaking about this with the committees we support. We are working for the next bishop – this project, these papers, this decision, files about property, congregations, staff position descriptions, planning at Camp Arrowhead have all been part of our work for the 11th Bishop of Delaware.

This was satisfying and useful in March and April. Then there came the news on May 6th. Now we are working specifically for Scott or Patty or Kevin or Michael or Laura. We have names of nominees from the Search Committee to enter into our prayers. These are individuals who as our next bishop will benefit from our work and preparations. We will continue with our work to prepare the office, to speak with others, and to meet with committees. We want the next bishop to arrive and not have to ask: “What are we doing about……?”

In doing all of this, we serve you, the congregations and clergy of the Diocese of Delaware. Like you, we await Laura or Michael or Kevin or Patty or Scott. Our hope is the next bishop will find us prepared as the entire diocese welcomes the one chosen and elected to lead and serve.

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