Camp Arrowhead Capital Campaign

[Text for Camp Arrowhead Capital Campaign video, March 16, 2018]


Camp Arrowhead Capital Campaign

Summer is almost here and that means it is almost time for camp, and I am excited. I look forward to my first summer at Camp Arrowhead and being a part of something that has been here in Delaware for generations – shaping the lives of countless youth. Enrollment is strong for this summer and I am looking forward to being at camp.

The Camp Arrowhead Capital Campaign has been in its planning phases for several months and soon we will be invited to make a pledge to contribute to the future. The key needs that the capital campaign have identified are expanding the dining hall, updating the kitchen, providing a bathhouse for the pioneer campers, making necessary improvements that would allow conferences to be held during the colder months, and providing infrastructure to connect the camp to the county sewer system.

These are important upgrades, not just for campers this summer and next summer, for generations to come. Camp Arrowhead exists because our predecessors made an investment in this place. It is the single, biggest youth ministry of the Episcopal Church in Delaware and its impact is obvious and huge. I am offering this not simply to inform you about the campaign at Camp Arrowhead but maybe, just maybe, to inspire you to consider making a pledge to offer whatever you can for the youth of this diocese and in the state of Delaware.

Together, we can make a difference in their lives, showing them the love of Jesus Christ and how that love can spread, one child at a time.

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