Changes in Communication


By Cynde A. Bimbi, Director of Communications

  • New distribution schedule for the Delaware Communion magazine
  • New Logo and Reemergence of the Diocesan Seal
  • How we refer to our diocese

Change is inevitable with most things, but when it comes to communication, change is perpetual. While the way we communicate will be ever-changing, the spirit of the message will always be the same.

Over the past several years, we have become more familiar with and dependent upon the use of email, seeking information via the website, gleaning news from the eNewsletters, using website forms, posting on Facebook, and most recently, reading the Delaware Communion in the new online magazine format. What is next as we look forward in our diocese?

Delaware Communion distribution

With the success, positive response, and increased readership of the Delaware Communion magazine over the past year, we have decided to publish bi-monthly throughout the year, instead of stopping publication during the summer months. We will continue to distribute the weekly eNewsletter, The  Net, to provide up-to-date diocesan information and parish news, as well as posting published articles. Beginning with the March edition, the magazine is scheduled to be published in May, July, September, November, January, etc.  In addition, we will post articles from the magazine on our website. Our desire is to communicate effectively, while not over-burdening our readers.

New diocesan logo and use of diocesan seal

You may have noticed that we not only have a new bishop in town, but we also have new visuals identifying the Episcopal Church in Delaware.  This has also been a custom with previous bishops. What you will notice (or have noticed) is more use of our diocesan seal along with a new diocesan logo and colors. The first known use of the seal was at the 1913 annual diocesan convention. You will also see the words, all things in love, used in various ways throughout our communication. This is the motto in the ribbon of the seal – Omnia in caritate (All things in charity).

The design of the new logo (a cross with a diamond in the center), as well as the colors (blue and white), were taken from the seal. The diamond is representative of the Diamond State.

How we refer to our diocese

Beginning with this edition of the Delaware Communion, you will notice that we will be referring to our diocese as The Episcopal Church in Delaware. This is consistent with other dioceses and descriptive of our beloved church in Delaware.  It’s a new day in our diocese.

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