Changes to the Delaware Communion


New structure, format, and delivery for the Delaware Communion

by Cynde Bimbi
Communications Manager-Diocese of Delaware

With a forward-thinking approach and in keeping up with 21st-century technology the Delaware Communion will take on a new-look, style, and media. A newly assembled team, organized for this purpose, will introduce this thoughtful approach as a new phase begins for our diocesan newspaper.

Where we’ve been: 

A few years ago the newspaper implemented significant changes in its distribution which made sound financial sense and was ecologically-friendly. The approach also kept in-step with how similar organizations operated. Rather than mailing a newspaper to each household, multiple print copies were delivered to all parishes in the diocese, while at the same time an electronic version was posted on the diocesan website. Parishioners that wanted a print copy could pick one up when they went to church. Additional copies could be displayed in the parishes, and gave the church the opportunity to deliver or mail copies to members who were unable to come to services.

Where we’re going:

In March and April, the Delaware Communion will continue to be printed and delivered to each parish, but will also be published in an online magazine format and placed on the diocesan website, in The Net, and emailed to all parishes for electronic distribution to their members. The March online magazine will be posted after the printed copy is delivered, but it is our goal to post the April magazine simultaneous to the delivery of the printed copy.

Beginning in May, the diocese will publish the Delaware Communion in the online magazine format only. There will be a function that will allow each person and parish to print a hard-copy of the magazine.

Our vision for the new Delaware Communion magazine is to offer more articles, information, and photographs that tell stories of our parishes, parishioners, and community. The goal will be to share more of the good works in which our community is involved, provide more thought-provoking news, and include information about the wider Episcopal Church and our fellow-Episcopalians around the world. With an online magazine our limits become unleashed; whereas, with the print edition we were limited by size and printing costs.

We are looking for contributors that can seek-out and write stories to share with the rest of the diocese. If you are interested in being a writer for the Delaware Communion magazine, please contact Cynde Bimbi, 302-256-0374, extension 106.

While we are excited about the changes to our diocesan newspaper, we also understand that everyone is not inclined or has the ability to view material online. Please keep in mind that there will be the ability to print each edition. If you desire to have a printed copy and are unable to print one at home, please contact your parish or the diocesan office.

If you have submissions for the new magazine, please email Cynde Bimbi or Jen Mason.

Below is the Delaware Communion magazine team:

Communications Manage
Cynde Bimbi

Jen Mason – content editor
Cynde Bimbi – layout/design editor
Marie Smith – copy editor

Danny Schweers

Content Proofreaders:
Gary Rowe
Judy Barnes

Contributors: (more to come)
Jen Mason
Danny Schweers

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