Christ is Risen. Alleluia!


Christ is risen, and once again we proclaim for all to hear: The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Easter has begun, and I am grateful. My first Holy Week and Easter Sunday as bishop were as glorious and powerful as any I have known. I am thankful to have served alongside my fellow clergy of the Episcopal Church in Delaware: what privilege and responsibility it is to be called to this work at this time of year. To you, my fellow deacons and priests, and to every faithful soul across our church who served during this sacred season, I say thank you. Altar guilds, musicians, choirs, and lay ministers of every kind, your ministry matters greatly. I thank you on behalf of thousands of grateful worshipers who came looking for the Good News of Jesus Christ and who found warm welcome, authentic liturgy, and hopeful hearts.

Easter has begun. This season, I intend to focus anew on the audacious claim that Christ is not only risen, he is alive; that his Holy Spirit pulses throughout our world and our church. More audacious still is the claim that you and I can share in this power. You better believe I am grateful this Eastertide.

Christ is risen, and the world is forever changed. Alleluia!


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