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Meeting the individual needs of each parish

 We have a great message, but who will know? With the diminished use and effectiveness of white pages, yellow pages, and newspaper advertising how do potential seekers, newcomers, and fellow worshipers find our church, service times, and what we have to offer? An answer: digital marketing. This can include websites, electronic newsletters, digital magazines, and, yes, social media.

To find an Episcopal church (or any church) in your area, complete with phone numbers and addresses, an inquirer will generally google and search for a website instead of going to white or yellow print pages.

Many businesses and churches take advantage of social media platforms to send (push) their messages and notices. This is not only less expensive and more affordable than newspapers; it has the potential of reaching a greater, targeted audience. In addition to displaying inspiring messages and event notices via social media, you can also push your electronic newsletters and magazines via a social media platform.

Is it necessary to do all of this? Answer: No. In fact, it is imperative not to become overwhelmed by trying to do too much. This will weaken all of your communication efforts. It is worthy to remember that whatever you offer in the digital world be done well, as it is a first and formative impression. Nonetheless, you must be ‘out’ there before somebody can ‘find’ you. Discover what works for you and do it well. Maybe then, go to the next step.

How we can help

The Communication team in the Mission Support Office (formerly known as the Diocesan Office) can provide guidance and suggestions on how you might navigate the ever-changing, digital world. With our expertise and experience, we can offer guidance and resources in this field.

Each parish is unique and there is not a one-size fits all package. I am happy to come to your parish to answer questions and/or offer guidance that works best for your church. Please do not hesitate to contact me at the Mission Support Office if you would like to explore any of these areas together. You can reach me via email or call 302.256.0374, ext. 106.

Also, we have had inquiries from a few parishes that are considering changing their website URL to a .church extension. If you are considering this change, we would be happy to provide direction.

Let’s get the ‘word’ out!

Cynde A. Bimbi

Director of Communications

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