Summer edition | June 2023


My journey in the
Episcopal Church
as a gay person.

Joseph Davison

part two of a four part series:
My Journey in the Episcopal Church

Joseph Davison is dressed and ready for church.
Circa late 1950s.

Editors note:

Bishop Kevin Brown recently announced his mission priorities, a five-year plan:

At our annual diocesan convention in November 2022, Bishop Brown announced “Renew ECD: A Blueprint for 2023-2027” to help guide and shape our common life in the Episcopal Church in Delaware. Among other things, the blueprint lays out the four mission priorities for our parishes, Arrowhead Camp and Retreat Center, and other ministries. The goal, over the next five years, is to stabilize and strengthen our diocese and to harness our energies toward growth—not to preserve our past but rather to expand the reach and impact of our proclamation of Christ Jesus. 

Our mission priorities are: …

My Journey
in the Episcopal Church
as a Gay Person

... “No one must ever know.” In that instant, I knew I was a member of a despised minority that was surrounded by a pall of silence. I was now dealing with fear of losing things that I valued dearly. I felt isolated and alone. I knew no one like me, and I had no one to turn to... Ultimately my fears of rejection and expulsion were unfounded. Unlike many gay persons I received inclusion and acceptance from my church family...

Fellowship in
Altar and Pulpit:

All Christians are Called:
The Discernment
of Vocation

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