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Companion Dioceses: Delaware & Mexico

Cycle of Prayer

Diocese of Mexico Cycle of Prayer in PDF format.

Greetings from Mexico

Companion Relationship: Greetings from Bishop Carlos Touché-Porter.

Episcopalians in Mexico? The answer is a joyful and grateful, “Yes!”; but I have to avoid the temptation of turning this article into a history class, so I am only going to quote a brief portion from an article published in Anglican-Episcopal World about the visit of the Compass Rose Society to Mexico in May 2007. [READ MORE]


Mexico in Delaware, 2014

In Our Newspaper

October, 2014 issue: Page 3 has an article, “Getting to know the Diocese of Mexico”.

September, 2014 issue: Page 1 has “Companion Relationship Moves Forward”.


In the spring of 2013, Bishop Wright and others traveled to the Diocese of Mexico.

Mother Donna Jean Kiessling, Gale Warren, and John Crosson traveled to Mexico from May 29 to June 5, 2014, to work with Bishop Carlos Touché-Porter and his staff to draft the covenant for our companion relationship.

Bishop Carlos then came to Delaware with our delegation on June 5, 2014, staying through June 12. He stayed with Bishop Wright, who showed him around our diocese. They then continued to work together and finalized the Companion Diocese agreement in 2015.

Diocese of Mexico

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