Diocesan Committees

Responsibililty:Program and budget for the work and mission of the Episcopal Church in Delaware 
Mr. Robert Davis, Lay-at-LargeImmanuel Church, New Castle2020
The Rev. David DeSalvoSt. Andrew's School2020
Ms. Alexandra Ergon - Area VChrist Church, Christiana Hundred2020
Ms. Janet Idema, Lay-at-LargeAll Saints' Church & St. George's Chapel, Rehoboth2020
The Rev. Stephen SetzerChrist Church, Christiana Hundred2020
The Rev. Ketlen SolakBrandywine Collaborative Ministries2020
Mr. Eric ValentineChrist Church, Milford2020
Ms. Elizabeth FitzPatrick, President ECWAscension Church, Claymont
The Rev. David AndrewsChurch of Sts. Andrew and Matthew, Wilmington2021
Ms. Joyce Bembry, Lay-at-LargeChurch of Sts. Andrew & Matthew, Wilmington2021
Ms. Beth Maurer, Lay-at-LargeSt. Martha's Church, Bethany Beach2021
Ms. Mary Nash Wilson, Lay-at-Large - Area IIIImmanuel Church, New Castle2021
The Rev. Deacon Sheila SharpeImmanuel Church, Highlands2021
The Rev. Marianne EllSt. Luke's, Seaford2022
The Rev. Dr. Marta IlluecaBrandywine Collaborative Ministries, Wilmington2022
Ms. Kay KeenanChrist Church, Christiana Hundred (Area V)2022
Mr. Jim PappasChrist Church, Dover (Area II)2022
Mr. Michael WoodSt. David's Church, Wilmington (Area V)2022
Mr. John Michael SophosSt. Peter's Church, Lewes (Area I)2022
Responsibility:All matters relating to the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church in Delaware 
The Rev. Jeffrey Ross, ChairpersonSt. Peter's Church, Lewes2020
The Rev. Edward GoddenRetired2021
Ms. Felice Jo LamdenImmanuel Church, New Castle2022
Mr. Tom CrowleySt. Peter's Church, Lewes2023
Ms. Kathryyn JakabcinTrinity Parish, Wilmington2024
ResponsibilityOversight of the disciplinary process for clergy misconduct as defined in title IV of Episcopal Church canons 
The Rev. Russell BohnerSt. Anne's Middletown2020
Mr. Campbell HayImmanuel Church, Highlands2020
The Rev. Eunice DunlapAll Saints and St. George's Chapel2021
Ms. Jeanne NutterChurch of Sts. Andrew & Matthew2021
The Rev. Margaret Pumphrey, PresidentRetired2022
Mr. Tim WillardSt. Peter's Church, Lewes2022
The Rev. Dr. Marta IlluecaBrandywine Collaborative Ministries2023


ResponsibilityA council of advice to the bishop; gives consent for persons to become candidates for Holy Orders, for ordinations, for elections of bishops in other dioceses, and before any church can sell or mortgage property. When there is no bishop, becomes the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese. 
Ms. Teri Quinn Gray, PresidentSt. Thomas's Parish, Newark2020
The Rev. Kim CapwellImmanuel Church, Highlands2020
The Rev. Sarah NelsonSt. James, Newport2021
Ms. Sue TaberSt. David's, Wilmington2021
The Rev. Donna Jean KiesslingSt. Peter's Church, Smyrna2022
Ms. Catherine MaguireCalvary Church, Hillcrest2022
The Rev. Charles (Chuck) WeissChrist Church, Dover2023
Mr. Terry FlanaganSt. Barnabas', Wilmington2023


ResponsibilityCustodian and trustee of the property and funds, and fiscal agent of the Episcopal Church in Delaware. Provide financial, custodial, trust, and investment services for the diocese and its institutions 
Mr. Stanley DiverTrinity Parish and Old Swedes Church, Wilmington2020
Ms. Tempe Steen, PresidentSt. Martha's Church, Bethany Beach2021
Mr. Richard HarraSt. David's Church, Wilmington2022
The Rev. Calhoun WickChrist Church, Christiana2023
The Rev. Jeffrey Ross St. Peter's Church, Lewes2024
Mr. Bruce VranaSt. James' Church, Mill Creek2025