"Diocese of Delaware. How Can I Help You?"


by the Rev. Canon Gary L. Rowe

Dial 302-256-0374 and someone will answer “Diocese of Delaware. How may I help you?” Every day someone will answer during office hours although the week Winter Storm Stella came through no one answered the phone. The office experienced a power outage, and we were closed for three days – no phone, no server, no Internet, no wifi, no water, no heat. Hope no one tried to call.

By March 17, we were back. “Diocese of Delaware. How may I help you?” You will hear the voices of Toni Snow, Cynde Bimbi, Kathy Moore, Judy Barnes and Judi Gregory. When Mary Ann Brillhart returns from her sabbatical you will hear her voice as well. If you call on a Monday morning you might not hear a live voice. We may be in a staff meeting and our staff meetings begin with prayer. In our prayers are the people of the Diocese of Delaware. We note our care for the congregations and the clergy. We pray for our next bishop.

“Diocese of Delaware. How may I help you?” The way we answer the phone reminds us and reminds you that the Diocesan staff serves you and those who call from other dioceses. Our work may be administrative, financial, property related, focused on transition, communications, reservations for Memorial House or conferences at Camp Arrowhead.

We are here to serve and help.

“Diocese of Delaware. How may I help you?”

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