Greetings from Mexico

Greetings from Mexico

Our Companion Diocese

The Rt. Rev. Carlos Touché-Porter, Bishop of Mexico, at the tomb of Bishop Lee, the first Episcopal bishop of Delaware

Greetings from Bishop Carlos Touché-Porter

Dear sisters and brothers in the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware: Greetings from your sisters and brothers in the Anglican/Episcopal Diocese of Mexico.

Episcopalians in Mexico? The answer is a joyful and grateful, “Yes!”; but I have to avoid the temptation of turning this article into a history class, so I am only going to quote a brief portion from an article published in Anglican-Episcopal World about the visit of the Compass Rose Society to Mexico in May 2007: “The Anglican Church in Mexico, from the time of its origin in the 19th century, has been as varied and colorful as the country itself… We found in Mexico a vibrant growing Church with a strong Anglican identity. Quite poor in material things, we experienced the very rich commitment and hard work of its people, both clergy and lay, who serve with a deep sense of Christ’s call to us to love and respect all human beings. Despite obvious obstacles, we all sensed the Church’s heartfelt desire to go with God.”

This is an accurate description of who we are, and I would also like to emphasize that we are a mainstream Anglican/Episcopal Church, where extremes are avoided, diversity is celebrated, and inclusiveness is the norm. A Church where all are welcome, valued and respected. A true house of prayer for all people.

The Diocese of Mexico, which is the mother diocese of the Anglican Church of Mexico, celebrated her centennial eleven years ago. It includes the Federal District (Mexico City) and the states of Mexico, Hidalgo, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Michoacan, and Tlaxcala, all in central Mexico.

The Church in Mexico was a part of the Church in the United States of America for 88 years until the end of 1994, when we became an autonomous Province within the worldwide Anglican Communion. Before we became sister churches, your Church was our mother and our teacher. She nurtured and educated us in the Anglican Spirit of theological and liturgical diversity and of acceptance and respect for all.

In other words, it was from you, American Episcopalians, that we, Mexican Anglicans, inherited the great treasures of Anglicanism, especially the courage to stay together as members of one family in the midst of our differences of opinion and behavior, the courage to accept, respect, and celebrate diversity, and the courage to come to God’s table together as God’s diverse people. This has been your greatest gift to us, and we truly cherish it. I want to assure you that the Anglican Spirit is alive and well in Mexico, and that we will always be grateful to you for your many contributions to the life of the Church south of your border.

The relationship between the Episcopal communities of Delaware and Mexico has had a long history, since the days when the Rt. Revd. Alfred E. Lee, your first Bishop, came to Mexico and performed the first confirmations and ordinations in our Church. We honor him as one of our founding fathers.

Today, over a hundred years later, our paths meet again thanks to the God-given opportunity of a companion relationship between our two dioceses. May this new joint pilgrimage be an occasion to rediscover our shared past history and walk together into a common future in the service of God and society.

In Christ’s love

+ Carlos Touché-Porter,
Bishop of Mexico

Companion Prayer by Bishop Carlos

O God of all, we praise you for the wonderful diversity of races, languages, and cultures with which you have created all people in your image, and we thank you because you have called us into the fellowship of your Church in all the world: Hear our prayer for your faithful people in the Dioceses of Delaware and Mexico, that in our particular vocation and ministries, we may work together for the increase of your Kingdom and set forward the eternal praise of your Name; through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

O Dios de todos, te alabamos por la maravillosa diversidad de razas, lenguas y culturas, con la que has creado a todos los pueblos a tu imagen y semejanza, y te damos gracias por habernos llamado a la comunión de tu Iglesia en todo el mundo: Escucha nuestra oración por tu pueblo fiel en las Diócesis de Delaware y México; para que, en nuestra vocación y ministerios, podamos trabajar juntos por el extendimiento de tu Reino, y proclamar la eterna alabanza de tu Nombre; mediante Jesucristo, nuestro Señor y Salvador. Amén.