May 2018

What’s in A Name?

The team at the Diocesan Office has always been proud to serve the people and ministries of the Episcopal Church in Delaware. For decades the office was simply called the Bishop’s Office. In recent years the name was changed to the Diocesan Office to emphasize the team’s daily support of every Episcopal institution in Delaware, not just the bishop. I applaud the change and want to push it even further.

I am excited to announce that the new name is the Mission Support Office, and here is why: this office is not merely called to support an institution. The team, like every one of us in the church, is called to support a mission: to love our God, love our neighbor, love ourselves, and proclaim God’s never-ending grace to all people everywhere. Christ’s mission explodes throughout our church in a thousand different shapes and ministries in worship, prayer, education, formation, evangelism, stewardship, social justice, outreach, service, and beyond. In all of its many wonderful forms, our
mission is the beating heart of who we are and who we must become: proclaimers of Jesus the Christ.

Thus, we will call ourselves the Mission Support Office for the Episcopal Church in Delaware. We serve Christ’s mission by serving others — the parishes, schools, religious orders, facilities, chaplains, and more — and by sustaining existing ministries while empowering ones yet to be imagined. Diocesan may describe our hierarchy, but Mission Support describes who we are called to be.

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