New Holy Order Discernment Framework

New Holy Order Discernment Framework


  • Discernment process reopens – January, 2020
  • Orientation (by invitation only) – November 2, 2019

A Letter from Bishop Brown

The chance to discern a call to Holy Orders will reopen in January with the rollout of a clear, new discernment framework crafted by the Commission on Ministry (COM). As a special nod to those inquirers for the diaconate or priesthood who’ve been waiting for a while, a special by-invitation orientation will be offered on November 2 (likely in Dover) by the COM.

Rectors and priests-in-charge will determine whom the COM will invite for the November gathering. Contact information for inquirers in a congregation that (1) have already had meaningful discernment conversations with their rector or priest-in-charge, and (2) who the rector or priest-in-charge would have already referred to the COM had it been possible, should be sent by the rector or priest-in-charge to the COM chair by Monday, September 30. The COM will issue the invitation the following week.

I want to thank the COM for its many hours (and months) of dedicated work to get to this point. Not only will the new process establish a single, transparent framework for ordained discernment, it will ultimately include a ‘one-stop shop’ on our diocesan website. The information on the website will clearly outline the process and provide all the forms, timelines, and requirements that are necessary for all inquiries.

In Other COM News:

The COM has not only been overhauling discernment for ordained vocations, they have been laying remarkable groundwork toward discerning lay ministry across Delaware. The COM is also eager to spark and empower the ministry of all baptized persons, and their ideas are as fascinating as they are innovative. More to come in January!

In Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Kevin S. Brown

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