October 24, 2021

A Prayer for Wisdom, from Daily Prayer for All Seasons

Holy Lord, giver of all wisdom: Set for us this day
the banquet of your word; invite us to feast on
the genius and beauty all around us. Then, turn
us in humility toward the poor, the oppressed and
the weak; we ask this in the name of Jesus, who is
Wisdom for ever and ever. Amen.

Psalm 98

  Sing to the LORD a new song, *
for he has done marvelous things.
  With his right hand and his holy arm *
has he won for himself the victory.
  The LORD has made known his victory; *
his righteousness has he openly shown in the sight of the nations.
  He remembers his mercy and faithfulness to the house of Israel, *
and all the ends of the earth have seen the victory of our God.
  Shout with joy to the LORD, all you lands; *
lift up your voice, rejoice, and sing.
  Sing to the LORD with the harp, *
with the harp and the voice of song.
  With trumpets and the sound of the horn *
shout with joy before the King, the LORD.
  Let the sea make a noise and all that is in it, *
the lands and those who dwell therein.
  Let the rivers clap their hands, *
and let the hills ring out with joy before the LORD, when he comes to judge the earth.
10   In righteousness shall he judge the world *
and the peoples with equity.

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