October 27, 2021

A Prayer for Trust,  from Daily Prayer for All Seasons

God our desire, whose coming we look for, but
whose arrival is unexpected:
Here in the darkness make us urgent to greet you,
and open yourself to our longing that we may be
known by you through Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Psalm 119

65   O LORD, you have dealt graciously with your servant, *
according to your word.
66   Teach me discernment and knowledge, *
for I have believed in your commandments.
67   Before I was afflicted I went astray, *
but now I keep your word.
68   You are good and you bring forth good; *
instruct me in your statutes.
69   The proud have smeared me with lies, *
but I will keep your commandments with my whole heart.
70   Their heart is gross and fat, *
but my delight is in your law.
71   It is good for me that I have been afflicted, *
that I might learn your statutes.
72   The law of your mouth is dearer to me *
than thousands in gold and silver.

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