Petition Candidate Process


Our discernment journey is well underway with the Bishop Search Committee in retreat with applicants this week and the announcement of the candidate slate to come soon thereafter. In parallel, the Standing Committee has outlined the following process and procedures to address the narrow circumstance of a person being called to candidacy through the petition process. This petition process will take the place of nominations from the floor at July’s Special Convention.

When to nominate? The petition period spans at least seven calendar days starting with the date that the Search Committee announces the slate. It is anticipated this will be early May.

Who can nominate a petition candidate?  Any lay member in good standing & canonically resident clergy can nominate a petition candidate. Nominations by petition must include at least three clergy and six lay members, representing at least three different parishes, schools or camps of the Diocese. Each nominator must complete and submit a Petition Nomination Form.

Requirements of nominator?  Each nominator must provide their name, parish, contact information, relationship with nominee, and an explanation why the nominee may have the gifts and calling to be bishop.

Requirements of petition nominee?  The petition nominee must meet the same eligibility criteria and provide the same information required of slate candidates. This includes completion of a background check and a credit history report. In addition, the petition nominee must provide written consent for their nomination.

Petition nominees must provide their Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) portfolio, resume, narrative biographical statement and responses to essay questions:

  • What appealed to you about our Diocesan Profile? Why?
  • Imagine you have been the Bishop of Delaware for three years- how is the Diocese different under your leadership?
  • Deep divisions are emerging among people, including people of faith, at this time in our national life. How do you imagine engaging in these times as Bishop of Delaware?
  • How do you envision the Jesus Movement unfolding in the Diocese of Delaware?

How to submit petition materials? – All nominators and nominees can submit materials to the Standing Committee via web form or postal mail. All forms will be available on the diocesan website at the time the petition process opens.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. All materials must be received by the closing date and time of the petition period.

Petition candidates, if any, will be announced upon completion of the required background checks and are expected to participate in walkabouts hosted by the Transition Committee.

Prayerfully yours,

The Standing Committee

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