Petition Process for the XI Bishop of the Diocese of Delaware


The Standing Committee is working on the Petition Process that will be used at the time of election for our next bishop. The Petition Process starts the day the slate is publicly announced (estimated to be early May) by our Search Committee and will run for seven days.  The Petition Process takes the place of nominations from the floor at the Special Convention.

Why is the Petition Process necessary?

The Petition process is intended to address the narrow circumstance when a person is called to candidacy has not been vetted through the nomination process by the Search Committee, or was not identified by the Search Committee as one of the final candidates.  There can be several reasons why a candidate was not discerned as a final candidate, yet believes he or she is called and enters through the Petition Process. We fully believe and support that the Search Committee process will be the primary way through which most candidates will be presented for consideration in the Special Convention.  The Petition Process takes the place of nominations from the floor.

Who is responsible for the Petition Process?

The Standing Committee of the Diocese is responsible for the Petition Process and establishes the procedures by which petition nominations may be submitted for consideration.

Nominations by petition must conform to the following criteria (per Rules of Order adopted at the 2017 Annual Convention):

  1. Each petition must be signed by at least three clergy and six lay persons, representing at least three different parishes, schools or camps of the Diocese.
  2. A petition nominee must submit to the Standing Committee such information as is required by the Standing Committee.
  3. Any nomination by petition must be made, with all of the required supporting information, during a one-week period to be designated by the Bishop Standing Committee.

Additional details forthcoming over the next few weeks.

Prayerfully yours,

Standing Committee

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