September 13, 2022

Prayer for Agriculture

Almighty God, we thank you that you made the earth fruitful, so that it might produce what is needed for life: Bless those who work in the fields; give us seasonable weather; and grant that we may all share the fruits for the earth, rejoicing in your goodness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Psalm 62

For God alone my soul in silence waits; *

from him comes my salvation.
He alone is my rock and my salvation, *

my stronghold, so that I shall not be greatly shaken.
How long will you assail me to crush me,
all of you together, *

as if you were a leaning fence, a toppling wall?
They seek only to bring me down from my place of honor; *

lies are their chief delight.
They bless with their lips, *

but in their hearts they curse.
For God alone my soul in silence waits; *

truly, my hope is in him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation, *

my stronghold, so that I shall not be shaken.
In God is my safety and my honor; *

God is my strong rock and my refuge.
Put your trust in him always, O people, *

pour out your hearts before him, for God is our refuge.
Those of high degree are but a fleeting breath, *

even those of low estate cannot be trusted.
On the scales they are lighter than a breath, *

all of them together.
Put no trust in extortion;
in robbery take no empty pride; *

though wealth increase, set not your heart upon it.
God has spoken once, twice have I heard it, *

that power belongs to God.
Steadfast love is yours, O Lord, *

for you repay everyone according to his deeds.

Image: Photo by Megan Thomas on Unsplash 

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