A Joyful Day for our Family!


by Kristin Finio

As a member of the Christ Church Christiana Hundred staff as well as their photographer, I have observed and photographed

several special services for our parish.  However, the most recent diocesan Confirmation and Reaffirmation service held at Christ Church on Sunday, June 4 was even more meaningful for me because my youngest daughter was confirmed at this service and I reaffirmed my baptismal vows.  Participating in this service together was a special experience for both my daughter and I as well as for my parents who have been active parishioners of Christ Church for many years.

Confirmation is described in the Book of Common Prayer as a sacramental rite in which candidates “express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop” (BCP, p. 860).  As I saw Bishop Shand lay his hands on my daughter as she kneeled before him, I was overcome by emotion and the gravity of the moment.  This was made even more poignant by the fact that several of my co-workers who have become my friends were there supporting her in this commitment.  She told me later that she too had a similar experience when she watched me before the Bishop because one of my co-workers reached out to hold her hand allowing her to be a part of this special moment.  What a joyful day for our family and for many others!


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