Ticket Information

The official Guidelines for the Ordination and Consecration of a Bishop, provided by the Office of the Presiding Bishop, prescribes a quite extensive list of specific groups of people to be invited (see below under Invitations). The venue selected for the Ordination has limited seating, therefore an admission ticket is required for each guest in order not to exceed the seating capacity. While tickets are limited, we are confident that we will be able to meet all requests.


Each rector has been sent a Ticket Request Form. After the rector has determined how many tickets are desired for the parish, that appropriate number must be submitted to the diocese no later than October 30th to allow the appropriate time for processing.

As clergy, council members, standing committee members, trustees, service participants, transition committee members, and search committee members will receive separate tickets (plus one), please do not include them in the parish ticket request.

Please note that all participants and volunteers for the Ordination and Consecration service will receive one ticket and they will not receive a plus one.  Therefore, please do include anyone they wish to bring in the parish request list.

While every effort will be made to accommodate each request, please know that it may not be possible to grant the total number requested. Each rector will be notified in November of the number of tickets that have been granted to the parish. All tickets will be mailed to the rector in December. If the parish does not have a rector in place the Ticket Request Form will go to the senior warden.

Ticket Process:

Beginning on November 9th we will start the process of determining the tickets available to honor all requests from parishes. We do expect to be able to honor all requests.  However, if we are not able to fulfill each parish request, we will then use the Sunday Average Attendance (ASA) of each parish to determine the number of tickets that each parish may receive. We will also ask all rectors to let us know if they will have an overage of tickets based upon their original request, so that any unneeded tickets may be used by others.

With your help we will make every effort to ensure every parish receives the number of tickets needed.


Invitations for the event have been sent to all individuals in the following groups. Each invitation will allow for one guest. Please do not include these individuals in any ticket request form.

  • All active and retired bishops
  • Clergy of the Diocese
  • Standing Committee
  • Diocesan Council
  • Trustees of the Diocese
  • Transition Committee
  • Search Committee
  • Diocesan Staff
  • Interfaith Leaders
  • Dignitaries
  • Friends and family of the bishop-elect