Walkabouts & Forums held in the Diocese

by Cynde Bimbi

Exhausting, yet exuberant — last week was a great week in the Diocese of Delaware. The five bishop candidates for the 11th Bishop of Delaware were on hand to visit the institutions and some of the churches in our diocese. They also took part in three public forums where they answered questions about themselves and what they hoped they might bring to the office of bishop.

Wednesday night at Christ Church in Wilmington, Thursday night at St. Peter’s Church in Lewes, and Friday night at Christ Church in Dover. We will be blessed to welcome any one of them as our next diocesan bishop.

The people in each of the three host parishes did a wonderful job of welcoming not only the candidates for bishop, but everyone who showed up to listen to the candidates speak. In total, more than 600 people came out to the forums. On each night the facilities were thoughtfully set up to handle the crowds, and the members of the three respective congregations where on hand to greet attendees, hand out printed materials about the program, help find seats, and serve refreshments when the presentations were over. It was all done with cheerful words and smiling faces.

In a word, what we all received was ‘hospitality’ that was Christ centered; a ‘hospitality’ that was generous; a ‘hospitality’ that was genuine and filled with joy. The candidates for bishop felt it as well, as evidenced by their comments during informal conversations during the receptions.

Many thanks to the entire Transition Committee and parishes who worked tirelessly preparing for the wonderfully successful Walkabouts.

Click here to view all videos and photographs from each Walkabout location. All videos are listed by candidate and then by question.

The Special Convention to elect the 11th Bishop of Delaware will be held July 15, 2017. If needed, July 22nd and 23rd. Everyone can stay up-to-date on all balloting as the results will be posted on the diocesan website after each ballot. At the end of each day, you will receive the results via The Net (this eNewsletter).




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