NOTE TO RECTORS & ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS: The Transition Committee has asked that you place the following in your parish publications and announcements.


Question & Answer Sessions for Bishop Candidates’

This is an exciting time in our diocese. As previously announced, the candidates will attend three walkabouts at the end of June:

June 28                Christ Church Christiana Hundred in Greenville
June 29                St. Peter’s in Lewes
June 30                Christ Church in Dover

The walkabouts will be held from 6:00 until 9:00 each evening. The evening will consist of prayer, introduction of the candidates, a question-and-answer session (Q&A), and a light reception.

For the Q&A session, we will be using a process that has been used very successfully by other dioceses in their bishop searches and appears to be a good one for us. A week or two in advance of the walkabouts, the candidates will be given three or four questions they will each have five minutes to answer during the Q&A session. All candidates will answer those same questions. Each candidate will then select one additional question from a “hat” to answer spontaneously. No questions will be asked from the floor. Videotapes of each candidate’s answers will be placed on the diocesan website after the walkabouts for the benefit of those who cannot attend. It is expected that all those who will be certified to vote for the election of the new bishop will attend one of these sessions as well as other interested members of our diocese.

The Transition Committee needs your help in preparing questions for the Q&A sessions. Please submit your question(s) in writing to the co-chairs of the Transition Committee by Monday, May 15th:

David Andrews: dandrews@ssam.org
Sue Taber: staber95@verizon.net

The committee will review the questions, sort them into categories, and consolidate those with strong similarities. The three or four questions that seem to occur with the most frequency will be the ones given to the candidates in advance. The others will be placed in the “hat” for the spontaneous question portion of each Q&A.

Thank you in advance for your help with this important aspect of getting to know our soon-to-be-announced candidates and for your continued prayers as we go forward with our mission.


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