Youth Ministry Support

The Rev. Dr. Ketlen Solak

  • Bishop’s Youth Missioner

Youth Ministry Support in the Episcopal Church in Delaware (6th grade and up) Our team aims to support, promote, and encourage youth ministry in the Episcopal Church in Delaware through communication, collaboration, and the nurturing of a community of youth and their leaders. You will note that we are not starting a diocesan youth group. Rather, we are seeking to support and nurture what is already happening in our midst.

Youth Ministry Support Team:

  • The Rev. Dr. Ketlen Solak, Brandywine Collaborative Ministries
  • Ed Chamberlain, St. Peter’s, Lewes
  • Lynne Jensen, Christ Church Christiana Hundred, Wilmington
  • Martha Weiss, Christ Church, Dover

A letter from the missioner
Planning well for any endeavor is essential for success and so is being flexible when having to adapt to the various and sudden new conditions that often come our way. From time to time the diverse plans that we make necessarily change; however, the critical principles that are at the core of good government, business, and faith-based programs are the elements that help such programs stay the course or change direction during unsteady times.
In the same way, ministry for and with youth requires careful planning and utmost flexibility in order to get off the ground and succeed. But, a number of key principles must be at the core of all youth ministry programs for them to succeed and thrive during the best or the worst of times. The presence or absence of these principles will either make or break a program, even if such an offering is diligently planned. The first and foremost element that must be at the core of youth ministry is relationship! More specifically, trusting relationships between adults and youth must

Meetings in 2020 (scheduled)
  • Sunday, April 26
  • 2-4pm
  • Grace Church

  • Sunday, May 3
  • 2-4pm
  • Christ Church, Dover

  • Saturday, May 9
  • 9:30-11:30am
  • St. Peter’s, Lewes

Events in 2020
  • Curriculum During Quarantine
  • Workshop via Zoom
  • Saturday, August 22
  • 10-12pm