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My Journey in the Episcopal Church as a Person in Recovery

by the Rev. Stacey Carpenter

Goals: The goals of this article, titled “My Journey in the Episcopal Church as a Person in Recovery” and published during National Recovery Month 2023, are as follows:

  • Raise Awareness: Illuminate the challenges individuals face with alcohol addiction, fostering understanding and empathy for those struggling with such issues.
  • Highlight Spiritual Support: Showcase the transformative power of a relationship with God within the context of recovery, emphasizing the Episcopal Church’s role in providing support and solace.
  • Personal Storytelling: Share the real and authentic narrative of the article’s subject, allowing the genuine experiences and struggles to resonate with readers who may be grappling with similar issues.
  • Promote Realism and Authenticity: Emphasize the importance of conveying the story with realism and authenticity, aiming to reach those who need to hear a relatable and genuine account of recovery within the context of faith and community.

Audience: The targeted audience for this article includes the entire Episcopal Church community in Delaware, encompassing both members and non-members. Additionally, the article aims to resonate with seekers, individuals interested in the subject matter, and a broader readership. An overarching goal is to encourage the sharing of this article to reach an even wider audience, ensuring that the valuable content reaches and benefits those who can find support and inspiration in the narrative of recovery and faith.

Summary: This narrative presented in part three of the series, ‘My Journey in the Episcopal Church…’ is written by the Rev. Stacey Carpenter, sharing her compelling story of recovery. Through a journey of uncovering, discovering, and recovering, she traces her life’s path within the Episcopal Church — starting, straying, and ultimately returning during her recovery journey. This poignant account unfolds as her life from childhood to becoming an Episcopal priest, where she is driven by a profound desire to share the transformative gifts deeply embedded in the interconnected roots of her life in recovery and her spiritual journey with God.

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Magazine cover – Delaware Communion, Fall 2023

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Article, My Journey in the Episcopal Church as a Person in RecoverDelaware Communion, Fall 2023

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