The below list of clergy include those who are associated with a parish or have been assigned to a position within the diocese. For a complete list of diocesan clergy, to include supply and retired, please contact Pam Smith at the Mission Support Office, 302.256.0374.

Rector, St. Philip's, Laurel

Rector, Christ Church Christiana Hundred, Wilmington

Rector, St. Anne's Church, Middletown

Curate, St. Thomas's Parish, Newark

Rector, Sts. Andrew & Matthew, Wilmington

Interim Rector, Grace Church, Wilmington

Priest Associate, Christ Church Christiana Hundred, WIlmington

Deacon, St. Paul's, Georgetown

Priest-in-Residence, St. Anne's Church, Middletown

Rector, Trinity Parish, Wilmington

Priest-in-Charge, St. Martin's in the Field, Selbyville

Pastor, St. Luke's, Seaford

Priest Associate, St. Peter's Church, Lewes

Chaplain to Retired Clergy

Priest Associate, St. Peter's Church, Lewes

Associate Priest, Sts. Andrew & Matthew, Wilmington

Assistant Rector, Trinity Parish, Wilmington

Rector, St. Barnabas' Church, Wilmington

Rector, Immanuel Church, New Castle

Rector, St. Peter's Church, Smyrna

Assistant Rector, Christ Church Christiana Hundred, Wilmington

Pastor, St. Nicholas' Church, Newark

Rector, All Saints' Church & St. George's Chapel, Rehoboth

Archdeacon, Christ Church, Dover

St. Martha's, Bethany Beach

St. Peter's Church, Lewes

Interim Rector, St. David's, Wilmington

Priest Associate, St. Peter's Church, Lewes

Rector, St. Martha's Church,
Bethany Beach

Assistant Chaplain, St. Andrew's School, Middletown

Rector, St. James' Mill Creek, Wilmington

Priest in Charge, Immanuel Church Highlands

Rector, St. Peter's Church, Lewes

Chaplain, St. Anne's Episcopal School, Middletown

Rector, St. Thomas's Parish, Newark

Chaplain, Beebe Hospital

Rector, St. John the Baptist Church, Milton

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