The Episcopal Church in Delaware offers both online and classroom training. Online training is always available for those who are renewing their certification. Classroom training will take place several times, across the state, throughout year.  Training is mandatory for: clergy, church employees (full & part-time), volunteers who provide individual pastoral care, Eucharistic Visitors, and youth & children supervisors.

Online Training

Online training is offered for anyone who is renewing their certification. If you have an immediate request to have someone certified, who has not taken an in-person class in this diocese, please contact Toni Snow by email at

For more information or to register for online training:

  • Toni Snow, 302.256.0374 or
  • The Rev. Sarah Nelson, 302.994.2029

Contact Toni Snow, 302.256.0374 to learn more about online training.

  • Registration is necessary. Information will be distributed via the weekly eNewsletter, The Net. A separate letter will also be sent to all administrative assistants.
  • There is a $10 fee for the classroom training, plus a $1.53 registration fee for all registrants.
  • When determining who needs to attend the training, please invite all who would benefit, over the age of 15.
  • All participants must be in attendance for the entire training session to become certified by the diocese.

Dear Friends,

The Episcopal Church in Delaware is committed to being a welcoming and safe place for people of every age to worship, work, and serve. With your involvement in this important and vital ministry, we can all make our diocese a safer place. In order to recognize the signs and signals of sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as the behaviors that lead to such abuse, instruction is required for staff and many of our volunteers. This is also true for those working with adults and in ministerial relationships. It is essential for adults to understand boundaries as well as power and vulnerability in the workplace. Our diocese requires training in the following areas and refers to this teaching as Safe Church Training:

  • Safeguarding God’s Children (child abuse awareness and prevention education)
  • Safeguarding God’s People (preventing sexual harassment and exploitation in the church),
  • Parish Resources for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct in the Church (diocesan policy)

This training applies to all people employed by the church, volunteers who provide individual pastoral care, Eucharistic visitors, and youth and child supervisors or leaders. In addition, the Episcopal Church in Delaware strongly recommends the training for Sunday school teachers and lay leaders in supervisory or leadership roles. If you have questions, please contact the Mission Support Office at 302.256.0374. Thank you in advance for your participation and helping us ensure that we all respect the dignity of every human being.

In Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Kevin S. Brown
Bishop of Delaware

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