The Barnabas Fund

of the Episcopal Church in Delaware

The Barnabas Fund aids community outreach programs beyond the wall of a church by providing physical fixtures that help make Christ’s presence more visible in the world. In 2016, the Trustees of the diocese announced the recipient of the first grant from the Barnabas Fund. Following in the traditions set by St. Albans Parish, the grant was made to the Lake Forest Church Association, Inc. The Association was brought to the attention of the committee through a parishioner at St. Stephen’s Parish in Harrington.

Since, then grants have been made to the Cathedral Choir School of Delaware for a computer charging stand, to the Seamen’s Center at the Port of Wilmington for structures to shield sailors from the weather, to Love Inc, for a new refrigerator, and to Memorial House for a bicycle maintenance stand. There are many creative ways to express ministry to God’s people.

For information on applying for a grant please contact Canon Judith Gregory at 302.256.0374, Ext 108.

In 1987, proceeds from the sale of property adjacent to St. Albans Church were
used to establish the Barnabas Fund. The vestry’s intent was to use the income
earned by the fund for projects and programs that further expanded the ministry of
St. Albans. Upon the closing of St. Albans in 2013, the balance of the fund was
transferred to the Trustees for investment in Master Fund A. The Trustees have
formed a Barnabas Fund committee that assists the Trustees in selecting projects
to receive grant funding.

An applicant must be a not-for-profit organization with ties to at least one
Episcopalian and located within the Episcopal Church in Delaware. The awarded
funds must primarily be for use within Delaware.

Grants are awarded for doing Christian work. However, the grants are not restricted to Christian organizations.

Grants should provide for non-recurring acquisitions and are not to be used for
costs that are, or should be, considered routine operating expenses, repairs, or
maintenance. Grants will not be made for an organization’s capital campaigns.

Grants will be awarded for amounts up to 25% of the annual Fund distribution. The maximum grant amount in any particular case will be approximately $5,000. If the total project cost exceeds $5,000, the applicant will be expected to inform the committee of the source(s) of the balance of the project funding.

  1. The needs of the organization requesting the grant, and the impact of approving the grant.
  2. The strength of the organization requesting the grant.
  3. The position of the requesting organization in providing for a geographic impact throughout the Episcopal Church in Delaware or the State of Delaware.

Applications for grants are considered by the committee on an as-needed basis as they are received and documented. There are no formal funding cycles. The application review and approval process may take up to 30 days. Awarded funds are not available immediately upon approval by the committee.

  • Richard Conover – St. Paul’s Church, Camden
  • Bill Gail – Brandywine Hundred
  • Kathy Porter – Mill Creek Hundred
  • Vernon Proctor – Chair – St. Philip’s Laurel
  • Paul Somerset – St. Peter’s Church, Lewes


For information on applying for a grant, please contact Canon Judith Gregory, 302.256.0374 ext. 108.

Tech Grant

$ 2500
  • Tech equipment
Tech only!

General Grant

  • of annual fund distribution
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