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The 239th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Church in Delaware was held on November 17–18, 2023 at University of Delaware, Clayton Hall.

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Text of Bishop’s Address
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by Lola Michael Russell

The 239th annual convention was a time of contrast —of business well accomplished and feelings of mixed emotions. There was great joy in being together with friends and colleagues from across the diocese, and great sadness at the many farewells that were expressed. There were moments of great intimacy between participants supporting each other in personal losses and grief, and moments of shared laughter at jokes, some of which were appropriate. The bishop’s address and the business presentations highlighted work achieved in the past year and looked at the changing landscape ahead. The dichotomy of feelings was personified in the keynote speech by Dr. Catherine Meeks … READ MORE

Business sessions follow worship in the above video.

Presentations at convention:

  • Network Ministries
  • Invite Welcome Connect
  • 80th General Convention
  • The Stevenson School
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Camp Arrowhead
  • Mutual Ministry Review

Business at convention:

To view all presentations and business at convention, see the ‘Business sessions’ video above.

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Each church received $200

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Grace Church

St. Peter’s Church

St. Thomas’s Church

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