Welcome to Stewardship in the Episcopal Church in Delaware

Greetings friends, and welcome to the Stewardship Resources Page.  Each year in the May/June timeframe, we will provide themed content, to reflect the upcoming annual convention, for annual giving and other stewardship ideas. This is an ongoing process, so if there is something you need and do not see, please don’t hesitate to ask for it. All of the information presented is here for you to use as you choose and can be over-written so that you can customize it to best suit your parish’s needs. This is one way we can serve one another and remember that our collective stewardship is all that we do, with all that we have, once we say we believe.

Helen King Spence
Chair, Diocesan Stewardship Resource Team
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Forms and Resources for your Campaign

Annual Giving Information (read first)
Introduction to the 2020 Annual Giving campaign Annual Giving Information
Additional Resources ( The Episcopal Church in Delaware is now a member of the TENS network. TENS is the Episcopal Network for Stewardship and provides additional resources for Annual Giving and Year Round Stewardship. Because the diocese is a member organization, every parish in the Episcopal Church in Delaware has access to these resources. If you need to download information from TENS website, please use James1:17.
Calendar Guideline

This is a suggested calendar that will assist you in planning your campaign. Suggested Calendar

Ask Letter

This is a sample ‘ask’ letter that can be sent to your parishioners, welcoming them to your campaign.

Pledge Cards
Thank You Letter
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