Welcome to 2020 Annual Giving

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We are pleased to be able to offer you resources for your Annual Giving campaigns in 2020 for your 2021 Fiscal Year.  These are easily downloadable for your parishes to use and adapt to your needs.  For some, using the writeable PDF format may be best, and for others the Microsoft Word format may work.  If you decide to use these resources, please know that they are generic and “over-written” so that you can customize them to the needs of your community.

Begin with the “READ FIRST” letter, which gives you an overview of what you can expect, and then decide from there whether these are resources which will work for you.  We plan to offer two Zoom webinars for parishes – one on Wednesday, July 29 at 2:00 pm and one on Saturday, August 1 at 10:00 am – so that folks can hear more, and can ask questions. They will be identical, so you only need to tune in to the one that best fits your schedule.

This is a gift for you to open and examine.  It is not mandatory, but offers good information including best practices as we navigate our budgets for the upcoming year in the midst of a global pandemic.

May God guide us all as we prepare for the future, for it is likely to look different from our past.  Be safe, stay well, and Godspeed to you all,

Sincerely, Helen King Spence, Chair
Diocesan Stewardship Resource Team
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Forms and Resources for your Campaign

Annual Giving Information (read first)

Introduction to the 2020 Annual Giving campaign Annual Giving Information

Pledge Cards
Calendar Guideline

This is a suggested calendar that will assist you in planning your campaign. Suggested Calendar

Thank You Letter
Ask Letter

This is a sample ‘ask’ letter that can be sent to your parishioners, welcoming them to your campaign.

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