Clergy Resources & Forms

Below is a compilation of resources and forms for clergy in the Episcopal Church in Delaware. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Mission Support Office, 302.256.0374.

an eNewsletter from Bishop Brown to all Delaware clergy.

A repository of online forms for clergy in the Episcopal Church in Delaware.
  • 2023 License Renewal Application and Report for Calendar Year 2022

    Clergy Under License are deacons, priests, or bishops who (1) are canonically resident in a diocese other than Delaware; (2) have completed the requirements to be licensed, and (3) have been approved by the bishop of Delaware.  Licenses are granted on a calendar year basis and automatically expire on December 31.To renew your license for 2023, the Episcopal Church in Delaware requires the following: (1) a report of your activities as an ordained minister during 2022; (2) completion of this application; (3) a Letter of Good Standing from your bishop; and (4) proof of completion for unconscious-bias and safe church training for children and adults. If any of these requirements are missing, we will be reaching out to you. As a reminder, your licensing cannot be completed without fulfilling these requirements. Any necessary documents can be uploaded in this form or emailed to Kathleen Moore,, at the mission support office.

  • First time application — the requirements for a first time applicant are listed in this document:  Requirement for Licensure of Priests and Deacons form.

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