Thursday, May 16
8:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Christ Church, Dover

  • Discover the pivotal role communications play in strengthening our churches’ presence in the community.
  • Stay current with the latest trends and techniques in effective communications.

A Working Conference
Join us for a day of collaboration, insight, and hands-on work at our upcoming parish communications conference! Participants will have the opportunity to engage in three distinct workshops tailored to enhance and simplify their work and communication strategies. These workshops will delve into practical tools and methodologies, facilitating discussions on implementation techniques and associated costs. Don’t miss this chance to equip your parish with knowledge and resources.

One Church Campaign image

Additionally, the conference will begin with a segment on the One Church Campaign, addressing three key areas that Bishop Brown has asked church leaders to focus on:

  • Website optimization: enhance your parish website and ensure it adheres to best practices for churches. Most importantly, make sure the information on your site is always current and inviting!
  • Facility upkeep: maintain the welcoming atmosphere of your church by continuing efforts to improve your facilities, making them welcoming and accessible to all who enter.
  • Sharing the hospitality of Christ: have a team that is ready to invite, welcome, and connect with every individual who walks through your doors.

Agenda (final)

  •  8:45am     Gather, fellowship
  •  9:00am     Conference begins
  • 12:30pm    Lunch
  •  1:15pm     Workshops resume
  •  3:45pm     Plenary session
  •  4:00pm     Go in Peace

Reserve a space today!
Workshop, lunch, snacks — $10 per person


  • Introduction to InDesign: Unleash Your Creativity in Print Media.  Are you ready to dive into the world of print design? Join Cynde Bimbi for an introductory workshop on InDesign, a versatile and robust tool for creating captivating print documents.In this session, we’ll explore the potential of InDesign for crafting a variety of print materials, including worship bulletins, flyers, brochures, and more. Discover the ease of installing InDesign on your computer and learn how to navigate its interface.This will be a hands-on workshop, so be sure to bring your laptop along. Together, we’ll explore the fundamentals of InDesign and uncover tips for using it effectively in print media projects. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and learn some exciting design ventures! Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your print design skills and be creative. See you there!

  • Mastering Canva: Effortlessly Craft Stunning Graphics for Your Church Communications. Are you looking to elevate the visual appeal of your church communications? Join Samantha Parfitt-Simpson for an engaging workshop on Canva, a user-friendly platform for creating eye-catching graphics. Discover the simplicity and power of Canva as we explore its features for design. The best part? Canva is entirely free for churches, making it an invaluable resource for enhancing your outreach efforts. In this session, we’ll guide you through the process of installing Canva on your computer at no cost to the parish. Learn how to leverage Canva’s intuitive interface and vast library of templates to create professional-quality graphics with ease. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your church communications to the next level, and unlock the possibilities of visual storytelling for your parish community!

  • Unlocking Photoshop: Mastering Photo Management for your Digital Presence. Ready to take control of your church’s visual assets? Join Herb Quick for an introductory workshop on Photoshop, the ultimate tool for managing photos for your website and other media platforms. In this session, we’ll explore the essential techniques for photo management, focusing on cropping, sizing, and optimizing images for websites and various digital channels. Whether you’re updating your church’s website or creating content for social media, mastering these skills will enhance the impact of your visual storytelling. Additionally, we’ll guide you through the process of installing Photoshop on your computer. Don’t miss this opportunity to streamline your photo workflow and elevate the visual appeal of your church’s digital presence. Learn the full potential of Photoshop for your ministry’s communication needs!


Workshop Leaders and Campaign Speakers

Kevin S. Brown


Canva Workshop
Herb Quick
Photoshop Workshop
Cynde Bimbi
Indesign Workshop; Campaign: Websites
The Rev. Canon
Brad Hinton

Campaign: Facility
The Rev.
Michael Kurth

Campaign: Hospitality
Kristin Sausville
Campaign: Hospitality
Cana Hartman
Campaign: Youth / Local Advertising
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