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The Net, weekly eNewsletter published each Wednesday
The Episcopal Church in Delaware



The weekly eNewsletter, The Net, plays a crucial role in the organization’s overall communication plan by serving multiple key objectives. Its primary function is to deliver current news and information covering all diocesan ministries, initiatives, work, and messages from the bishop. This ensures that members of the organization stay informed about ongoing activities, fostering a sense of community and connection. Additionally, it aims to showcase parishes and members, provide engaging reports of diocesan activities and events, share timely announcements, connect readers with our community through links to church announcements and job postings on the diocesan website, and offer engaging and enjoyable content. The newsletter is designed to be visually appealing, ensuring ease of reading for a more enjoyable reader experience.

A specific goal for 2023 was to enhance the reading experience and broaden access to church announcements. This was achieved by relocating all church announcements and job postings to the diocesan website instead of within the newsletter itself. Links to these announcements are now included in the newsletter, allowing any visitor to the website access to the information, not just subscribers to the newsletter. Additionally, a new header was introduced in 2023 to provide a fresh and sleeker design.

AUDIENCE: The intended audience for this entry encompasses a broad spectrum, including all members of the diocese, parishioners, individuals who attend church without formal membership, and anyone with an interest in the content.

SUMMARY: The Net, an official publication of the Episcopal Church in Delaware, serves as a vital communication channel within the diocese. Published weekly, it plays a pivotal role in keeping members informed about the latest developments across diocesan ministries, initiatives, and messages from the bishop. Another important feature of The Net is to also highlight parishes and members across the diocese. Timely announcements, delivered through The Net, are crucial to ensuring all members stay abreast of important updates. The comprehensive newsletter not only covers diocesan news but also directs readers to announcements from all churches within the diocese, conveniently housed on the diocesan website. Additionally, The Net provides a gateway to news from The Episcopal Church and offers links to other valuable resources.


REPORTING METRICS for eNewsletter:

  • One year: 2023
    • Sent: 207, 136
    • Average open rate: 51%
    • Click rate: 13%

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Note: The Daily Psalms and Prayers link, when offered in the below editions, will no longer work, as this program was discontinued for 2024.

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