Ring the Bell Capital Campaign
for Camp Arrowhead

Campaign materials and components:


The booklet was an initial marketing piece for the campaign. The printed booklet was mailed and was provided in a digital format via eNewsletters and website.

Pledge Cards | Form

Printed pledge cards were mailed with return envelopes. Electronic pledge forms were sent via email, eNewsletters, and posted on the website.

Video Message

A video message from Bishop Brown, promoting the capital campaign and Camp Arrowhead, was produced (in-house) and distributed via eNewsletters and posted to the  website.


A colorful, 6.25 x 4.5, heavy card stock handout, Camper Family Challenge, was printed and handed to all camp guests and visitors, including all parents who were picking up their children from camp. This ‘challenge’ card included a QR code on the front and back that linked to the online giving platform for this campaign.

Camp Arrowhead is a Ministry of the Episcopal Church in Delaware
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