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Convention Guidebook

239th Annual Convention

Goals: The overarching objectives for the 48-page Convention Guidebook are to enhance the experience of attendees at the 239th Annual Convention by providing seamless navigation through the business and elections over the two-day event. The guidebook aims to consolidate all necessary information, eliminating the need for separate handouts, and presents it in an attractive layout with images, ensuring both interest and utility. The cover of this book was designed by placing all of the individual quilt squares from the Justice Quilt Project together, creating one quilt — a symbolic representation of unity and justice. The Justice Quilt Project was one of the focuses of the convention and the primary exhibit.

Additionally, the inclusion of the worship bulletin within the guidebook aims to streamline resources. The guidebook features a convenient table of contents for easy reference, introducing attendees to key elements such as the guest speaker, the Justice Quilt Project, and a reminder of the diocesan Land Acknowledgement. It kicks off with a welcome from Bishop Brown and concludes with a visual on the back cover that aligns with his blueprint and the theme of his convention address. The comprehensive approach of the guidebook seeks to make the convention accessible, informative, and visually engaging for all participants.

Also, the guidebook is provided in a digital flipbook format for the convenience of those who watch the convention via livestream.

Audience: The intended audience for the guidebook includes all members, attendees, and staff of the convention. Additionally, it serves as a valuable resource at the diocesan office for future reference and use.

Summary: The Convention Guidebook, spanning 48 pages, serves as a comprehensive guide to the annual convention of the Episcopal Church in Delaware. Its diverse sections encompass crucial elements such as the Keynote Speaker, Agenda, Racial Justice & Reconciliation Commission, Members of Convention, Resolutions, Elections, Presentation and Reports, Financial Information, Announements, Recognitions, Map of Churches, the bishop’s blueprint, a welcome from the bishop, and the worship bulletin. The front cover is thoughtfully crafted to resemble a quilt, incorporating individual quilt squares from the Justice Quilt Project. This design aligns with the convention theme, ‘Created in Good Works’. The Justice Quilt Project was one of the focuses of the convention and the primary exhibit.

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