Covid-19 Response

We believe in an unchanging God: unchanging in love, unchanging in faithfulness, unchanging in supplying comfort and peace

Current guidelines from Bishop Brown

May 19, 2021

  • Rectors are now empowered, with your vestry and within your contexts, to make decisions about whether or not to require masks in church buildings, as long as you follow the state of Delaware and CDC guidelines.
  • I recommend a sign be posted stating that fully vaccinated people are not required to wear a mask, and that the CDC strongly recommends that people who have not been vaccinated wear a mask.
  • Maintaining three-feet social distance indoors is strongly encouraged.
  • I am not prepared to allow the chalice or contact during the peace at this time.

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Phases of Recovery

State of Emergency

The Episcopal Church in Delaware will adhere to the State of Emergency declaration and all modifications of the declaration by the Delaware Governor, John C. Carney. Loving our neighbor, we ask and encourage any organization using facilities within the Episcopal Church in Delaware to also follow said declarations by the governor.

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Resources For You and Your Parish

Vaccination Information

Key Information after your Covid-19 vaccination
Go to to find a location for your second dose — but wait until your
second-dose due date approaches, to make sure opportunities are available. Your second
dose doesn’t have to come from the same place as your first. You can find one at a pharmacy
near your home, maybe from your own health care provider, or even from a state-run or
coordinated vaccination event. More information here.
Parish Resources

Resources for Nonprofits

Worship Resources

Praying with children:

Facebook Live – Easy and free for anyone!!

  • You do not have to join Facebook to watch a Facebook Live video. And if you’re already a Facebook user, you do not have to log in to watch, either.
Unemployment Resources (updated)




Hospitalization and Death by Age Chart

Weekly Community Spread Worksheet

Additional Topics of Interest

Information for Nonprofits

Guidance on Cloth Face Coverings from the Office of the Governor

COVID-19: An illustrated scientific summary by a Yale neuroscientist

Guidance for Older Adults & People with Underlying Medical Conditions

Individual Support Information
  • Individual Support During Time of COVID, this includes status of stimulus check, CARES ACT exclusion & challenges, applying for benefits, how the church can be a support, and other resources. This document was provided by the Rev. Donna Jean Kiessling, ERD Representative

Facebook Live – Easy and free for anyone!! 
  • You do not have to join Facebook to watch a Facebook Live video. And if you’re already a Facebook user, you do not have to log in to watch, either.

Communications Assistance for all Parishes

Mission Support Office
  • The support staff will be working from home, but will be available by phone or email. Please do not hesitate to contact the staff at any time. They are available! 302.256.0374