Polly Bond entry 2024
Category: Visual Arts / graphic design

Going Back to School: Deep Subjects

Goals: In the process of creating engaging and vibrant graphic designs, my goal was to visually elevate the article ‘Going Back to School: Deep Subjects.’ I sought to achieve this by developing unique designs exclusively tailored to complement the essence of this specific article. This artistic representation is designed to draw the reader’s attention in addressing key concerns highlighted in the article. The overall goal is to create an eye-catching and meaningful visual that resonates with the audience, encouraging them to read the article.

Audience: The intended audience for this entry encompasses a broad spectrum, including all members of the diocese, parishioners, individuals who attend church without formal membership, seekers on a spiritual journey, and anyone with an interest in the content.

Summary: This unique design was crafted exclusively for the article ‘Going Back to School: Deep Subjects,’ featured in the Spring 2023 edition of Delaware Communion Magazine. All components of the designs, including the chalkboard and books, were created using InDesign and Illustrator. Vibrant colors were chosen for the books to captivate attention, while the titles reflect the content of the story. Given the significance of comprehending the perspectives of young adults within the Episcopal Church in Delaware, this article holds particular importance for our diocese. The graphic was purposefully designed to be visually appealing, aiming to entice readers to engage with us on this crucial issue, keeping in mind the goal of encouraging exploration and understanding.

Article layout with illustrations in the
Delaware Communion Magazine
Spring 2023

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