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My Journey in the Episcopal Church as a Black Woman (and a bishop's daughter)

by Cynthia Primo Martain

Goals: The aim of this writing entry, titled “My Journey in the Episcopal Church as a Black Woman (and a bishop’s daughter),” was to reaffirm our commitment to raising awareness, demonstrating sensitivity, and actively promoting racial justice. Authored by Cynthia Primo Martin, a Black woman and the daughter of a bishop, the article explores her unique experiences within the Episcopal Church. Through a compelling narrative, the goal is to captivate readers with the harsh yet sometimes lighthearted and intriguing realities of her journey, cultivating a deeper understanding and engagement with the issues of race and identity in the world and within the context of the Episcopal Church.

Audience: The intended audience for this story encompasses the entire membership of the Episcopal Church in Delaware, including both regular attendees and visitors. It extends to seekers and individuals interested in gaining insights into the enduring challenges faced by Black people throughout their lives. Furthermore, the hope is that readers will share this narrative with a broader audience interested in the subject, contributing to the ongoing effort to raise awareness and bring a greater understanding of the issues at hand.

Summary: Cynthia Primo Martin, the author of the concluding piece in the four-part series, ‘My Journey in the Episcopal Church…’, shares her story as a Black woman and the daughter of the late Bishop Quintin E. Primo, Jr. In this article, she guides readers through the stages of her life as a priest and bishop’s daughter, offering insights into her experiences as a black individual growing up within the Episcopal Church and the broader world of her era. The journey she unfolds encompasses both uplifting moments and those that are challenging yet crucial to comprehend.

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Magazine cover – Delaware Communion, Winter 2023

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Article, My Journey in the Episcopal Church as a Black WomanDelaware Communion, Winter 2023

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