Open Hearings for General Convention are now being held.

You can review legislation proposed for General Convention through the link below. For each item, note the Legislative Committee to which it has been assigned.


You can register to speak at an Open Hearing through the link below. It is very common for persuasive testimony to move the members of a committee to action. You might speak in favor, against, or with a recommendation for how the legislation should be amended to be more perfect.


You can register to observe Open Hearings through the link below. Observing is a great way to take in the breadth of one aspect of the church’s work, whether it be Churchwide Leadership – Committee 16; Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Music – Committee 12; Christian Formation & Discipleship – Committee 14, or others.


A schedule of all Open Hearings can be found through the link below. The information is presented in a grid. The first column is the date and time of the meeting. The second column notes the legislation that will be considered in that meeting. The third column lists the Committee assigned to consider that legislation. The fourth column notes the meeting type. To find the Open Hearings, scan this fourth column for the words “Video – Open Hearing.” Then note the date and time of those open hearings, found in the first column.


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