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Audio/Video — Long-Form Video entry — Polly Bond awards 2024
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This fun, heartwarming video was written (lyrics), created, and produced by the Episcopal Church in Delaware, and speaks to Bishop Brown’s mission priorities.

Goals: This fun video was crafted to shine a spotlight on Bishop Brown’s visionary 5-year blueprint. It delves into the mission priorities in the blueprint; to include discipleship, service, and growth. The video is intended to capture the audience through its light-hearted approach; personalization of each parish as well as the diocese; and show the power of invitation, welcome, and justice. It was debuted at the annual convention where the bishop’s address was geared to the same message — his 5-year blueprint of mission priorities: Discipleship, Service, and Growth.

Audience: Originally premiered at the annual convention, this heartwarming journey is for all seekers, members of the diocese, and anyone curious about the Episcopal Church in Delaware. It has been published in our weekly eNewsletter, convention wrap-up report, social media, and sits on the front page of the diocese website.

Summary: Welcome to the Church We’ve Been Looking For — This heartwarming video chronicles a personal journey of self-discovery as an individual travels aimlessly through the state of Delaware, searching for something missing in his heart. The traveler encounters a sign about the Episcopal Church in Delaware and decides to visit the nearest church. Upon arrival, he is warmly welcomed by individuals standing in front of the church, sparking a curiosity that draws him in.

The video captures the essence of the Episcopal Church in Delaware, emphasizing the welcoming community, everyday people, and the transformative power of the gospel. Throughout his experience, the traveler discovers the beauty of praying with a diverse group, learning to follow Jesus, and witnessing each person playing a vital role in humble service to others. The video highlights the church’s emphasis on unity and the journey of walking with Christ, where grace can begin to unfold.

The traveler’s heart is deeply moved, and he reflects on the profound impact of the welcoming community and spiritual discoveries made during his visit.

Metrics: video was not released to all media until mid-December

  • Debuted on November 17 to a live audience of over 200, receiving wide-spread laughter, praise, and ovation.
  •  Published via YouTube on November 19. To date; 140 views, 829 impressions, 5.8 hour of watch time (2.8 more than usual), 2:39 average view duration (:55 more than usual).
  • Posted within the convention wrap-up on November 20, receiving 54 unique clicks.
  • In mid-December it was added to Facebook where it has garnered 231 views, reaching 55 people to date.
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