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My Journey in the Episcopal Church as a Gay Person

by Joseph Davison

Goals: The objective of this feature article, which served as the second installment in a four-part series titled ‘My Journey in the Episcopal Church…’, was to shed light on the LGBTQ+ community, most notably within the context of the Episcopal Church. The primary goal was to convey a heartfelt narrative, detailing the personal journey of a gay man and his experiences throughout his life and within the Episcopal Church. Emphasizing authenticity, the article aimed to tangibly illustrate the Church’s inclusive nature in Delaware, moving beyond mere assertions, to showcase genuine stories of acceptance and belonging for everyone.

Audience: This feature article is crafted for a diverse audience, spanning the entire diocese, and encompassing parishioners, individuals attending church without formal membership, seekers on a spiritual journey, and anyone intrigued by the content. The goal is to reach an expanding readership that includes LGBTQ+ individuals and beyond, fostering a sense of inclusivity and engagement for all.

Summary: A compelling narrative penned by Joseph Davison, a member of the Episcopal Church in Delaware / Immanuel Church, New Castle. This article delves into Joseph’s personal journey as a gay individual, tracing his experiences from childhood to adulthood and highlighting the profound influence that the Episcopal Church had on his growth and self-discovery within the context of his sexual orientation. At the end of the article, you will find a 30-second video of Joseph Davison briefly summarizing his experience in The Episcopal Church.

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Magazine cover – Delaware Communion, Summer 2023

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Article, My Journey in the Episcopal Church as a Gay PersonDelaware Communion, Summer 2023

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