Vote Faithfully 2

Beloved in Christ,

A month ago I wrote that, as our nation moved ever closer to Election Day, our call as Christians was first and foremost to prayer. I wrote, “I encourage you to pray for peace and justice and mercy and wisdom, pray for our elected officials and candidates and our proud country, and pray for yourself and your church and all those folks who agree and disagree with you.” Now that the election is done, this kind of prayer — with attention to our nation and those who disagree with us — certainly does not stop.

I noted then the deep partisan divide of the nation, and we all know that division does not magically vanish with the election of a different president. Many folks still find it impossible to discuss politics with family or friends because many people simply cannot disagree on politics (or religion, for that matter) without relationships being jeopardized. As Jesus followers, we must insist on a civil, faithful way of disagreement and even argument. We must start with our own selves, and work to embody the change we want to see and hear when we talk politics.

I remain very optimistic about the future of our country, especially at times when we become really clear about our problems and we choose to overcome them rather than dismiss them. I am confident that many, many people of all political colors want to find a better way and that, together, we will learn better ways to disagree.

So, keep praying. Pray for President Trump and President-elect Biden, and for the United States. Pray for those who disagree with you — especially those who really disagree with you. Jesus did tell us to love our enemies after all! Prayer is the pathway to God, and God the pathway to real love, true liberty, and abundant hope.

Your brother in Christ,


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